The Most Unique Dry Erase Whiteboard

The Most Unique Dry Erase Whiteboard

Installing a dry-erase whiteboard on your kitchen refrigerator is a great way to keep track of what foods and beverages you need to purchase during your next grocery store trip. If you’re running low on milk, you can write down “milk” on your whiteboard list. If you’re running low on eggs, you can write down “eggs” – you get the idea. But if you’re a serious video gamer who grew up during the 90s, you should check out the most unique dry-erase whiteboard.

Featuring the same glossy, easy-to-clean surface as traditional dry-erase whiteboards, the most unique dry-erase whiteboard allows you to make nonpermanent notes or lists on your kitchen refrigerator. Using a dry-erase marker, you can write on the whiteboard just like any other dry-erase whiteboard. What makes this product unique, however, is its nostalgic design.

The most unique dry-erase whiteboard comes with six individual magnets that, when arranged properly, look like a jumbo-sized Game Boy. As you may know, the Game Boy was released in the late 1980s by Nintendo. The handheld video game console has since become obsolete due to the release of newer, next-generation handheld consoles. Nonetheless, it was a groundbreaking console throughout the 1990s, allowing users to play video games on the go and without the need for a separate display device, such as a TV.

If you’re a longtime fan of this nostalgic video game console, the most unique dry-erase whiteboard is the perfect product with which to upgrade your kitchen refrigerator. It features a magnet for the console’s display screen, a magnet for the “A” button, a magnet for the “B” button, a magnet for “Start” button, a magnet for the “Select” button and a magnet for the directional pad (D-pad).

All six magnets of the most unique dry-erase whiteboard are large. Of those half-dozen magnets, though, the display screen is the largest, measuring approximately 16 by 12 inches.

Not all the magnets feature a dry-erase surface. Only the display screen is coated with the glossy dry-erase material. But with its monstrous size, it will easily support most if not all your list items. When you’re finished with a list and want to replace it, just wipe it clean with a whiteboard eraser and you’re good to go!

Keep in mind that the most unique dry-erase whiteboard doesn’t come with a marker or eraser. So, if you’re planning to convert your refrigerator into an oversized video game console, you’ll need to purchase these accessories elsewhere.