The Most Unique Hand Puppet

The Most Unique Hand Puppet

It’s normal for hand puppets to feature cute and cuddly characters. The most unique hand puppet takes a different approach, however. As shown here, it converts your hand into a squirrel. Using the most unique hand puppet, you can entertain yourself or others for countless hours, all while expressing your appreciation for one of the world’s most overlooked animals: the common squirrel.

While other hand puppets consist of a single puppet “sleeve” that you slide over your hand, the most unique hand puppet consists of nearly a half-dozen different pieces. Each unit comes with four paw pieces and one headpiece. You place the paw pieces on your thumb, index, ring and pinky fingers, whereas the headpiece goes on your middle finger. Once secured to your fingertips, these pieces will convert your hand into a disturbingly realistic squirrel.

When wearing the most unique hand puppet, you’ll have the freedom to move all your fingers. This is in stark contrast to other hand puppets, which restrict your ability to bend and move your fingers. Since the most unique hand puppet contains multiple pieces – one for each finger – though, you can fully move all your fingers while wearing it.

If you’re a parent, you can use the most unique hand puppet to orchestrate plays for your child. For added effect, consider setting up a stage in your living room or bedroom to mimic a squirrel’s natural environment. For example, you can lay a piece of poster board down on a table, followed by covering it with pine straw, twigs and acorns. As you kneel behind the table, you can raise your squirrel-like hand onto the poster board to put on a play for your child.

In addition to putting on plays for your child, you can use the most unique hand puppet to entertain yourself. The manufacturer notes that it’s perfect for scurrying up trees, foraging for acorns and getting barked at by neighborhood dogs. The manufacturer is obviously joking, but it’s a funny and innovative product nonetheless.

With an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars, the most unique hand puppet has been well received by customers. In the reviews section, one customer even claims the puppet was “life-changing.” Of course, the most unique hand puppet shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s able to transform your hand into a shockingly realistic squirrel, which is sure to draw some laughs from whoever sees it.