The Most Unique Necktie

The Most Unique Necktie

If you need added protection against medieval-style weapons, you should check out the most unique necktie. Most neckties are made of traditional textiles like cotton, silk, woolen, and polyester. The most unique necktie, however, features a chainmail construction consisting of hundreds of interlinked metal rings, making it highly resistant to swords, knives, daggers, spears and other medieval weapons.

Chainmail armor such as this has been around for centuries, with archeological evidence showing that some of the world’s first chainmail armor was produced as early as the 4th century B.C. Its interlinked design offers a superior level of protection against slashing attacks than other types of medieval armor. The metal rings found in chainmail armor overlap each other to absorb the energy of slashing attacks. As a result, chainmail armor has been used for thousands of years to protect soldiers and fighters in battle from injury.

The most unique necktie isn’t a standard piece of chainmail armor, such as a chainmail vest or chainmail gauntlets. Instead, it’s designed to look like a necktie. You can wear it around your neck just like a regular necktie, and you can even tuck it into the collar of your dress shirt.

While you probably won’t find any practical use for the most unique necktie, it’s a fun way to accessorize your outfit when attending parties or get-togethers. You are almost guaranteed to attract attention, as well as a few laughs when wearing this metal-clad necktie. And if your workplace has a “casual attire day,” such as casual Friday, you can show off your love for medieval fashion to your coworkers by sporting the most unique necktie in your outfit.

According to the manufacturer, the most unique necktie measures 22 inches long and has an 18.75-inch circumference in the neck opening. Even though it’s made of real metal, the most unique necktie is surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at just 8 ounces.

Since it’s made of metal, you might be worried that your new chainmail necktie will rust. After all, rusting is a common problem that occurs when metal is exposed to moisture (or moisture in the air). As moisture settles onto the surface of the metal, it triggers a chemical reaction known as oxidation, resulting in the formation of rust. The good news is that the most unique necktie is naturally protected against rusting because of its all-aluminum construction. Unlike iron and steel, aluminum doesn’t rust, allowing you to get more use out of your new medieval necktie.