The Most Unique Spiced Peanuts

The Most Unique Spiced Peanuts

Are jalapeno- or chili-spiced peanuts too mild for your personal preference? If so, check out the most unique spiced peanuts. Featuring spices from infamously hot peppers like the ghost pepper and moruga scorpion pepper, it’s guaranteed to ignite your taste buds with fiery flavor.

This isn’t just an ordinary set of spiced peanuts, however. The most unique spiced peanuts consist of five individual boxes, each of which contains a few jumbo-sized peanuts with a particular level of heat. In the first box, you’ll find relatively mild – though still hot for many people – spiced peanuts. After finishing them off, you can proceed to the second box, which contains the same type of peanuts but with hotter spices.

You can progress through each of the five boxes of spiced peanuts but be warned that each subsequent box will be hotter than the previous box. By the time you reach the fifth box, you can expect your taste buds to be on fire.

While the thought of consuming fiery-hot spiced peanuts may sound unpleasant for some people, many people enjoy the challenge of eating hot foods. There are countless restaurants, for example, that host their own spicy food challenge, rewarding patrons who eat their fiery-hot dishes with a t-shirt or gift card.

You don’t have to visit a restaurant to participate in a hot food challenge, though. Thanks to the most unique spicy peanuts, you can now host your own challenge from the comfort of your home.

The most unique spiced peanuts have been sold in the past. Previously, though, it consisted of just four boxes of peanuts with four heat levels. The new version, which you can purchase on Amazon, contains the fifth level of heat. Known as “Stupid Hot,” it consists of spices from some of the world’s hottest peppers known to man, including the ghost pepper and moruga pepper. While only a handful of peanuts are covered in these spices, it will leave your mouth on fire.

Of course, if you’re going to attempt to the challenge by eating all five boxes of spiced peanuts, you should prepare a few glasses of cold milk ahead of time. Water just won’t cut it when eating these nuts. Milk is far more effective at neutralizing the heat produced by spices. This is because milk contains lots of fat compounds that bind to spice oils, preventing those oils from clinging onto your taste buds where they would otherwise cause a burning sensation.