The Most Unique Spoon Rest

The Most Unique Spoon Rest

Preparing and cooking your own meals can create a quite a mess in your kitchen. Aside from countless dishes, pots and pans stacked high in your sink, you may discover sauce or other ingredients on your kitchen counters. While you can usually clean your counters with soap and warm water – or a nontoxic general-purpose cleaning product – another way to maintain a clean kitchen is to invest in the most unique spoon rest.

Also known as a spoon holder, a spoon rest is a kitchen tool used to safely hold spatula, ladles and large spoons. Rather than lying cooking utensils such as these directly on your kitchen counters, you can place them on a spoon rest. The spoon rest acts as a barrier between the sauce-covered utensil and the counters, thereby protecting your counters from the spilled sauce.

But the most unique spoon rest doesn’t look like an ordinary run-of-the-mill utensil holder. Rather, it looks like a large piece of ravioli. It even features the same light brown color and jagged edges of real ravioli pieces. Of course, the most unique spoon rest isn’t an edible piece of ravioli. Although it looks real, it’s actually a nonedible tool that works just like any other spoon holder.

According to the manufacturer, the most unique spoon rest of made of commercial-grade silicone that’s naturally resistant to stains. Unlike other common materials, including wood and bamboo, silicone isn’t porous. It features an impermeable composition that prevents it from absorbing moisture or liquids. As a result, the most unique spoon rest won’t develop stains. You can place any sauce-covered utensil on it without fear of it staining your spoon rest. And when your ravioli spoon rest gets dirty, you can wash it in your dishwasher along with the rest of your dishes.

Not only will the most unique spoon rest keep your kitchen counters clean; it also reduces the risk of foodborne illness. Each year, thousands of people suffer from foodborne illness, with many cases involving cross-contamination. If you lie a utensil directly on your kitchen counters and then use that utensil to stir your food, it could result in cross-contamination by transporting illness-causing germs from your counters to your food.

You can use any spoon rest to keep your kitchen counters clean and protect against cross-contamination. For added aesthetic value, however, you should check out the most unique spoon rest. With its realistic ravioli design, it’s the perfect decorative element for enhancing your kitchen’s decor.