The Most Unique Squirrel Feeder

The Most Unique Squirrel Feeder

Do you enjoy watching squirrels as they scavenge for food on your lawn? While viewed as a nuisance by some homeowners, squirrels bring life to your home’s landscape. After setting up some chairs on your patio or porch, you can kick back to watch these furry creatures scavenge for food. While most squirrels are fully adept at finding their own food, though, you can give them a helping hand with the most unique squirrel feeder.

Squirrel feeders typically feature a similar design as birdfeeders – only they are used to attract squirrels rather than birds. You place food inside the feeder’s container, after which you can hang it from a tree or roof to attract squirrels. The most unique squirrel feeder also uses food to attract squirrels, but it features a completely different design.

As shown here, the most unique squirrel feeder looks like a large unicorn head. The head itself acts as the food container. Just fill the inside with food and hang it from a branch or roof. When a squirrel searches the inside of the head for food, it will look like he has a unicorn head.

To use the most unique squirrel feeder, you’ll need to first find a durable tree branch or roof from which to hang it. When hanging it, however, you’ll need to position it so that squirrels can easily access the unicorn head. If you hang it several feet off the ground – meaning it’s simply dangling in the air – you probably won’t see many unicorn-headed squirrels in your yard. Instead, hang it about 8 inches off the ground. At this height, squirrels can naturally reach and access the feeder.

Of course, you’ll need to fill your squirrel feeder with food as well. While many pet stores sell squirrel food – yes, squirrels are kept as pets – there are plenty of other everyday foods you can use to attract squirrels. Corn, for example, is delicious food that all squirrels seem to love. To discourage bugs and pests, though, you should use raw, uncooked corn in your feeder.

Along with corn, you can fill your squirrel feeder with just about type of nuts. Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and cashews are all excellent squirrel treats with which you can fill your feeder.

You don’t have to worry about squirrels chewing through this unicorn-like feeder. According to the manufacturer, it’s designed entirely of heavy-duty vinyl. Not only is vinyl waterproof; it’s also incredibly strong and durable.