The Most Unique Wine Glass

The Most Unique Wine Glass

Statistics show the average American consumed nearly 3 gallons of wine in 2016, compared to just 2.34 gallons in 2005. Whether you enjoy red or white wine, we all can agree that continuously refilling your glass is frustrating. When you’re trying to relax and unwind, you don’t want to head to the kitchen every five minutes to refill your glass. There’s hope on the horizon, however, as the most unique wine glass will eliminate those seemingly endless refill trips.

With a 750-milliliter capacity, to say the most unique wine glass is big would be an understatement. It’s absolutely huge. To put its size into perspective, 750 milliliters is the equivalent of a full bottle of wine. You can still find bottles of wine in smaller and larger sizes, but the industry-standard size for wine bottles is 750 milliliters. Therefore, you can pour an entire bottle of wine into the most unique wine glass.

Normal wine glasses are available in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from 270 to 400 milliliters. As most wine connoisseurs know, this isn’t always enough. If you’re having a party or get-together, you may want to drink more, in which case the most unique wine glass is the answer. As mentioned, it can hold an entire bottle of wine, which is likely more than you’ll drink in a single sitting.

How was the manufacturer able to design such a gigantic wine glass? The most unique wine glass isn’t mass-manufactured in a factory like other, cheaper wine glasses. Each unit is made of hand-blown glass. A skilled glassworker carefully blows heated glass to alter its size and shape into the desired form. This allows for a thicker and stronger design while also improving the glass’s aesthetics.

Even if you don’t personally drink wine, the most unique wine glass makes the perfect gift for a friend or family member who does. Of course, you’ll have to invest in an extra-large-sized giftbag if you’re planning to give the most unique wine glass as a gift.

Because of monstrous size, you shouldn’t clean the most unique wine glass in your dishwasher. Its high-quality hand-blown design makes it stronger than traditional wine glasses, but it may still crack or shatter if knocked by other dishes. If you choose to purchase the most unique wine glass, avoid placing it in the dishwasher and, instead, wash it by hand. Using a sponge and liquid dish soap, you can safely clean it without using the dishwasher.