The Weirdest Bacon Bandages

The Weirdest Bacon Bandages

It may not be the healthiest choice, but bacon is a uniquely delicious and delectable food enjoyed by millions of people. In fact, statistics show that more than two-thirds of all Americans eat this cured pork food at least one year, and about 18.3 million Americans eat 5 or more pounds of bacon per year. If you’re among this crowd, you can show your love for bacon by purchasing and wearing the weirdest bacon bandages.

Measuring 3 inches wide and 1 inch tall, these bacon bandages are large enough to cover most minor cuts, abrasions, burns, bug bites and other common wounds. Just slap one of these bacon-themed bandages over your wound to protect it from further injury. According to the manufacturer, it uses the “healing power of meat” to treat minor wounds. While this claim is made lightheartedly, these bacon bandages are still a fun product that all bacon lovers are sure to appreciate.

These aren’t just some regular bandages with bacon images printed on them. The weirdest bacon bandages are designed with attention to detail to create an incredibly realistic appearance. Upon seeing them for the first time, most people will assume that they are real strips of premium-cut bacon.

The bacon bandages have a similar size, shape, and color as the real deal. They even contain sections of white fat as well as sprinkled black pepper. It’s these small details that make the bacon bandages look like edible, mouthwatering strips of bacon. One customer even commented that the bacon bandages look so real you’ll want to eat them. And if you own a dog, you’ll probably want to keep him away from your bacon bandages because he too may mistake them for strips of bacon.

Each unit of the weirdest bacon bandages comes with 15 bacon-themed bandages, a metal tin, and a free trinket. The manufacturer doesn’t really what the free trinket is, but some customers have reported receiving a temporary tattoo. That’s just a small incentive, as the real beauty of this product is the 15 strikingly realistic bacon-themed bandages.

While the bacon bandages look like real strips of savory bacon, unfortunately, they don’t smell like bacon, nor do they taste like bacon. With that said, we don’t recommend using real bacon as a substitute for treating minor wounds. For this task, only the weirdest bacon bandages will suffice.

If bacon bandages aren’t your thing, you can find bandages featuring other foods, including pizza and pickles. Considering the unparalleled popularity surrounding bacon, though, this probably isn’t an issue.