The Weirdest Cat Scratching Toy

The Weirdest Cat Scratching Toy

If you’re among the millions of proud cat owners in the United States – or elsewhere in the world – you’ve probably observed your feline companion scratching objects. Without toys, cats will scratch just about anything on which they can get their paws, including rugs, furniture, beds, and even your clothes. To maintain your sanity, you must provide your cat with a scratching toy, such as the weirdest cat scratching toy.

Cat scratching toys are all designed to offer a safe and effective scratching surface for cats. While most of these toys consist of basic scratching posts, the weirdest cat scratching toy takes a different approach by mimicking the appearance of a disc jockey (DJ) turntable.

From afar, the weirdest cat scratching toy looks like a real DJ turntable. It features a mixing deck with various control knobs and buttons as well as a spinning disc in the center. So, how can cats use this toy for scratching exactly? The spinning disc in the center isn’t an actual vinyl record. Instead, it’s a cardboard-based scratching disc. When your cat scratches it, the disc will spin, essentially turning your feline companion into an amateur DJ.

Some people assume that cats scratch out of pure boredom, but this isn’t necessarily true. Studies have shown that cats scratch for several reasons, none of which are associated with boredom. For example, cats will scratch surfaces in their home to mark their territory. Scratching leaves behind some of their scents as a warning to other cats and animals. Cats also scratch to sharpen their nails. Scratching helps to dislodge splintered pieces of their nails while sharpening the tips in the process.

Rather than allowing your cat to destroy your home, consider purchasing the weirdest cat scratching toy. Using this toy, your cat can safely scratch his nails without ripping your home to shreds. Of course, the sight of your cat DJing is reason enough to invest in the weirdest cat scratching toy alone.

Whether your cat is young or old, he’s sure to appreciate the weirdest cat scratching toy. Like all scratching toys, though, you need to introduce to him. With your cat next to your side, spin the disc in the middle of the toy. This should catch your cat’s attention, encouraging him to scratch and spin it as well.

If you aren’t fond of the turntable-style scratching toy, there are countless other unique scratching toys available, such as a laptop scratching toy.