The Weirdest Gummy Bear

The Weirdest Gummy Bear

Can you eat an entire bag of gummy bears in one sitting? If so, perhaps you need the weirdest gummy bear. At 5 full pounds – the equivalent of 20 quarter-pound hamburgers – it’s the candy that keeps on giving.

Gummy bears have been around for nearly a century. In 1920, German candy-maker Hans Reigel launched the Haribo company. According to various reports, Reigel was inspired to create gummy bears after observing trained bears performing street acts in Europe. Shortly thereafter, the Haribo company released its now-famous gummy bears.

What’s amazing is that the weirdest gummy bear features the same shape and overall appearance as the gummy bears produced by the Haribo company nearly a century ago. Available in a variety of flavors, including cherry and blue raspberry, it consists of a massively large gummy that’s shaped like a sitting bear. You can even see the bear’s nose, whiskers, eyes, ears, and limbs.

Don’t get too hooked on its cute-and-cuddly appearance, however. Like smaller gummy bears, the weirdest gummy bear is completely edible – and it’s quite delicious if you have a sweet tooth. It has a fruity flavor that’s reminiscent of the same gummy bears you probably ate as a child.

If you’re thinking about buying the weirdest gummy bear, though, you shouldn’t eat it all in one sitting. With 5 pounds of sugar-filled edible gummy, it contains approximately 6,120 calories, which is about three times the total recommended daily caloric intake for most adults. To protect your waistline, it’s recommended that you spread it out by eating a small portion at a time.

You might be wondering how you’re supposed to eat such a massive gummy bear. Unlike the smaller gummy bears, you can’t just toss it in your mouth. Instead, you’ll probably need to use a fork and knife to eat it. Just slice a small chunk off and wrap the remainder in plastic wrap to preserve it.

According to the manufacturer, the weirdest gummy bear is a gluten-free product, meaning it doesn’t contain any of the grain-based protein known as gluten. This is important if you suffer from a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, in which case consuming gluten could trigger digestive problems.

The weirdest gummy bear is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys this nostalgic candy. Not only does it look the same as traditional gummy bears; it has the same taste. The only real difference is that it’s about 1,400 times larger.