The Weirdest Heated Socks

The Weirdest Heated Socks

Do your feet get unbearable cold during the winter? Being far away from the heart, our feet don’t receive as much as blood as other parts of our body. Unfortunately, this often results in ice-cold toes during the winter. While placing your feet next to a fire or heater can keep them warm, an easier solution is to wear the weirdest heated socks.

Featuring a calf-high length, the weirdest heated socks are designed to look like ordinary unisex socks. They are made of 80% cotton and 12% polyester, the latter of which increases their elasticity so that they easily come on and off your feet. The weirdest heated socks also feature padded heel and toe areas, making them a little more comfortable to wear than traditional socks. The padded heels and toes absorb pressure when walking while also providing additional insulation.

What’s amazing about the weirdest heated socks is their superior heating abilities. All socks offer some level of protection against the cold by insulating your feet. The weirdest heated socks, however, contain miniature heaters that radiate heat across your feet and toes. After putting them on, you can choose from one of the three heat settings: low, medium or high. Once selected, the heating element within the socks will act to warm your feet and toes.

So, how are the weirdest heated socks powered? They don’t use an electrical cord via a wall outlet, nor do they use disposable batteries. Instead, they are powered by a pair of lithium-polymer batteries, which you can recharge. According to the manufacturer, a full charge offers about three to four hours of heating on average. Of course, you can conserve the battery life of your heated socks by choosing the low- or medium-heat setting rather than the high-heat setting.

There are times when a traditional pair of socks just one cut it. Maybe you’re going skiing, or perhaps you’re attending an outdoor party during the winter. Regardless, you need to keep your feet warm. Otherwise, you could develop frostbite. The weirdest heated socks are the perfect solution. They look like ordinary socks, but using their internal heating element, they can radiate heat across your feet and toes.

The weirdest heated socks are also backed by a one-year warranty. In the unlikely event that your heated socks break or stop working within 12 months of you purchasing them, the manufacturer will replace them free of charge. With a one-year warranty, what do you have to lose?