The Weirdest Ice Cream Lock

The Weirdest Ice Cream Lock

It’s disheartening when you open the freezer with intentions of enjoying a large bowl of your favorite ice cream, only to discover that a family member or roommate has already finished it off. Whether it’s chocolate, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, vanilla, butter pecan or any other flavor, it’s frustrating when you run out of ice cream – but it’s even worse when a family member or roommate is responsible for it. Thankfully, there’s an innovative new device that you can use to literally lock down your ice cream.

Shown here, the weirdest ice cream lock consists of a two-piece locking mechanism. After placing it over the top of your ice cream and engaging the lock, neither you nor anyone else will be able to open the ice cream without entering the appropriate three-digit PIN.

If someone tries to stealthily steal your ice cream while you aren’t looking, you can rest assured knowing that the weirdest ice cream lock will keep your sweet treat safe from theft. While it only uses a three-digit PIN, a thief would have to enter up to 1,000 different combinations to open it. After a few dozen failed attempts, most would-be ice cream thieves will back away and search for an alternative snack instead.

There are other locking products designed to safeguard food and beverages from theft. The weirdest ice cream lock is unique, however, because it’s designed strictly for use with ice cream. Some people may laugh at the thought of ice cream being a commonly stolen item. But it can and does happen, which is why the weirdest ice cream lock is such an amazing product.

It’s important to note that the weirdest ice cream lock is designed specifically for pint-sized boxes of ice cream. You can’t use it on smaller or larger boxes of ice cream. So, if you’re thinking about buying the weirdest ice cream lock, be sure to purchase pint-sized ice cream the next time you go shopping.

The weirdest ice cream lock is particularly useful for office breakrooms where food theft is often widespread. Statistics show that one in five office workers has taken food or beverages belonging to a coworker. With the weirdest ice cream lock, you can store your pint-sized ice cream boxes in the office freezer without worrying about a coworker stealing or “accidentally” taking it. Just remember to take note of the lock’s three-digit PIN. Otherwise, you too could be locked out of your ice cream.