The Weirdest Programmable Robot

The Weirdest Programmable Robot

Humankind may still be decades away from developing flying cars as depicted in “The Jetsons,” but programmable robots are already here and available to purchase. While most of these programmable robots only support basic controls, others are high-tech and loaded with innovative features, such as the weirdest programmable robot.

The weirdest programmable robot doesn’t look like a traditional robot as seen in science-fiction movies and TV shows. Rather, it features a spherical shape with a transparent design. The spherical shape allows the robot to seamlessly roll across any flat and smooth surface, while the transparent design allows you to see its electrical innerworkings while in action.

To control the weirdest programmable robot, you’ll need to download and install a companion app to your mobile device. Once installed, you can launch the app to control your new high-tech robotic sphere. It supports a variety of programming methods, ranging from drawing digital routes to writing JavaScript.

So, how does the weirdest programmable robot connect to your mobile device? It features a Bluetooth module for close-range wireless coupling. If your mobile device has Bluetooth connection capabilities, it will work with the weirdest programmable robot.

Below the robot’s transparent shell is an array of eight light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which you can program to create your own unique display. For example, you can program the LEDs to form the shape of an arrow in the direction in which the robot is rolling. Alternatively, you can program the LEDs to form of low-pixel shapes of animals, people or objects.

The weirdest programmable robot is capable of “talking” to other robots. Within their circuitry is a 360-degree infrared (IR) module and corresponding sensors that are constantly searching for other nearby robots. When two robots come into proximity to each other, they’ll listen to the same instructions.

Water and electronics typically don’t mix, but the weirdest programmable robot is an exception. It features a fully waterproof design, making it impermeable to spilled drinks and liquids. While it’s not recommended that you drive it into a swimming pool or any other body of water, you can rest assured knowing that it will withstand exposure to moisture and liquids.

According to the manufacturer, the weirdest programmable robot has a battery life of two hours. While short, the good news is that you recharge it using a wireless “inductive” charger. Just place the robotic ball on the inductive charging pad for a few hours, after which its battery will be recharged and good to go!