The Weirdest Rock Pet Kit

The Weirdest Rock Pet Kit

Have you always wanted a pet but without all the responsibilities that come with it? If so, look no further than the weirdest rock pet kit.

Complete with an adjustable leash, an owner’s manual, a blanket, and even adoption papers, this kit has everything you need to raise your very own rock pet. When you’re sitting around the house bored, you can take your rock pet for walks, play non-retrieving fetch with him, watch TV together and more. And since he’s not a living animal, you don’t have to worry about all the ordinary responsibilities of owning a pet.

After you get tired of playing with your rock pet, you can place him inside his “habitat.” Each rock pet kit contains habitat box with holes punched through the top so that your rock pet can breathe while inside. Just remember to take him outside for fresh air and sunlight occasionally. If you’re creative, you can build an outdoor play area for your rock pet.

Unlike with dogs and cats, you don’t have to worry about your rock pet biting you. According to the manufacturer, each rock pet is trained and groomed to ensure they make the perfect pet. They are the most docile pet you’ll find, making them an excellent choice for families with young children.

Your rock pet won’t shed either. Dogs and cats make amazing pets as well, but let’s face it: They leave a mess of fur in their wake. Owners often find fur on their furniture, carpet, and clothes. With their silky-smooth surface, however, rock pets don’t shed. Even if you suffer from pet allergies, you own and raise a rock pet without experiencing allergy attacks. Most importantly, rock pets don’t eat or drink water, so they are easy to maintain.

The weirdest rock pet kit makes a great gift, partly because it projects itself as being a real pet. It’s a ridiculous gift that people of all ages will find funny.

Pet rocks have been around since the mid-1970s, during which American entrepreneur and writer Gary Dahl came up with the idea after listening to his pet-owning friends talk about the difficulties of raising a pet. In nothing less than a stroke of genius, Dahl envisioned rocks being used as pets. Of course, he acknowledged the absurdity of the idea, yet he still proceeded to create, market and sell pet rocks. Rock pets are now a fun, popular item owned by millions of people.