The Weirdest Self Stirring Coffee Mug

The Weirdest Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Not many people take their coffee black. Statistics show that two out of three people add sweetener, milk and/or creamer to their coffee. If you’re among this crowd, you probably know the importance of stirring your coffee before drinking it. Failure to stir will result in large clumps of sweetener or other additives, resulting in an uneven flavor and consistency. While you can always hand-stir your coffee using a straw, spoon or stirring stick, an easier solution is to invest in the weirdest self-stirring coffee mug.

With a capacity of 13.5 fluid ounces, the weirdest self-stirring coffee mug looks like a jumbo-sized coffee mug. It features an insulated stainless-steel design with a spill-proof detachable lid. To remove the lid, simply twist it counterclockwise. To place the lid back on, twist it clockwise over the top.

What’s unique about the self-stirring coffee mug is, not surprisingly, is its ability to stir your coffee. How does it work exactly? The weirdest coffee mug contains two magnets, one of which is located within the bottom of the mug where you can’t see it, while the other magnet is located directly on the bottom where you can see it. When activated, the hidden magnet within the mug rotates, which causes the visible magnet to rotate with it. And since the visible magnet rests at the bottom of the mug, it naturally stirs the coffee.

The good news is that you don’t have to hook the weirdest self-stirring coffee mug up to a wall outlet. Rather, it’s powered by two small AAA batteries, which are included with each order.

Hand-stirring your coffee is always an option, but the weirdest self-stirring coffee mug takes this burden off your shoulders. When activated, the two magnets will rotate while stirring your coffee in the process. You don’t have to use a spoon, straw or stirring stick. Just press the button, wait about 30 seconds, and you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

According to the manufacturer, the weirdest self-stirring coffee mug is also leak proof. The hard, stainless-steel outer shell keeps your coffee safely contained.

While used primarily for coffee, the weirdest self-stirring coffee mug supports all beverages. Whether you’re preparing a protein shake, tea, hot chocolate, lemonade, etc., you can use this mug to automatically stir any sweetening or flavoring additives. So, even if you rarely or never drink coffee, you can’t go wrong with the weirdest self-stirring coffee mug.